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Meet Jenna Lynn

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I am so happy you have come across my page and decided to read a little more about me.

I have owned and operated Jenna Lynn Photography full time since 2018 and I have been a professional photographer working and honing my craft at a variety of photo jobs since 2014! (Trailing Twine Photo., G&B photo., Donner Photo., Coffee Pond Photo.)


Growing up - I loved to be creative! Doodling on my homework, taking self portraits with click and shoot cameras, painting and staging photosets in my childhood bedroom using dolls and frequently my pet dog, Cocoa! It was such a passion of mine from a young age that by the time high school and college came around - I felt rather confused!

No one around me thought photography was a good means to an end or a career to dive into. It was a known fact : "You go to college after high school." So I did what was expected and tried to go to college! While I was always a good student - college did not suit me and I often avoided going to the classes I was paying for. It did not feel like where I was meant to be. I wanted to be hands on behind my camera lens doing something I was passionate about. 

5 years post - graduation I found myself unemployed for 8 months and totally disheartened. I was bed-ridden and struggling with depression. Fighting with what the world around me had told me and what my heart was telling me.

I wanted to start my own photography business but was scared to really try. I received clarity through prayer to jump in full throttle and invest in the equipment, website, marketing & start promoting this small business.

No clients, no leads, no guidance. Only hope and faith.

God has blessed my life and my business tenfold. He provided me with clients almost immediately and has always kept my business in mind. He provided me with a husband, Matthew, who is also a small business owner and on top of that-- a really talented photographer! I could not believe how fast he picked up photography with me - how willing he was to capture the shot via bush or climbing up hills with gear locked and ready. It felt surreal having someone I have been with for years be able to jump into the photography world with me and shoot weddings alongside me. We became a well oiled machine and photo-team. 

While some may consider this oversharing - I tend to disagree. The hardest and most trying times of my life led me to where I am today. In order to better create for you - I want to let you in on who I really am. Someone who was once lost and confused is now bubbly, joyous, thankful and in love with her job. I get to watch and capture first kisses of marriage, snuggle babies and puppies of clients I have known for years.. watch families grow and capture that growth. I get to laugh and cry during my sessions. I get to show up to work and make people smile and breathe in a sigh of relief because they are with a friend behind the camera and not someone stale who might make it feel awkward. 


I am a self-taught business woman who has been blessed to be mentored and gain knowledge by others in this field. I am able to use the two hands given to me to create and capture the most wonderful moments of life. To bottle them up and document them for future generations. This is my calling, my forever hearts desire, my talent and a piece of my self expression that I always needed filled. If you choose to go on this journey with me - you will be choosing a goofy lady who loves to dance bad, isn't afraid to get on the ground in the dirt for the right angle and who will make you feel cozy being paparazee'd! (that is so not a word! LOL) I love to play with my puppy Jackson, travel with Matthew, pretend I am a foodie and was an elite yelp reviewer 3 years running! I think of fresh and new concepts, spend my time crafting and on DIY projects. Often times I am problem solving behind the camera - helping fix clothing, hair and makeup or being a part-time therapist. I thrive in fast paced environments and rolling with whatever the day may bring... Children and weddings - two of the most unpredictable things in the world! I push to embrace the raw and sometimes I like to take the photo of your kiddo crying or having a tantrum because those are the funniest to look back on when the kiddos are older. If I sound like the right fit for you - you will know. Head to that contact page and send me a message. I am ready for your ideas and vision boards.

Lets create something real together. 

Until we meet -  XOXO Jenna


If you want to see another creative outlet of mine - Check out my designed Templates!

Have a cool/unique session idea? Let's brainstorm together. Want simple and sweet photography? Let's book an in-home cuddle session with pizza and wine. Want to elope on top of a cliff with your true love? I'll bring extra water bottles and snacks. If you can dream it---I want to capture it. 

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