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Meet Jenna Lynn

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The 3 key factors when choosing a photographer are:


1. Who your photographer is

2. How they photograph

3. If they are the right fit for you























































It's so nice to 'virtually' meet you! I'm excited to get the chance to be a part of your life through the art of photography---My creative outlet, career & expertise! Maybe it's your first kiss as husband and wife, yearly family memories to be hung and admired, senior sessions (2023!!) or specialty sessions!

I have to say bio's are really hard for me to write.

I never know where to begin and end up adding random information about my love of coffee and nature to my thrifting and DIY endeavors.

So instead, do you want to know a secret?

The secret truth about choosing a photographer like me is this--- I could have the same equipment, lighting, price, editing software and even editing style as another photographer in my area...

What? No way, really..? It's true!

But here is the secret.

I am a married woman to my high school sweetheart, Matthew. We are both business owners, adventure seekers and christians. I am an entrepreneur and self-taught photographer who has been blessed by learning more in the photography realm through the jobs I have obtained. Mentoring while photographing weddings with Trailing Twine photography, photographing senior portraits at Grynn and Barrett & photographing dance photography at Donner Photographic. I have also worked for 5 years with Coffee Pond Photography, photographing school-aged portrait days K-12th grades...

I operate with high-energy regularly and sneaky ninja skills when necessary. I am definitely an extrovert who loves easy-going and relaxed clients that can trust my skills and creative eye. Client/photographer trust and friendship is way more important than you would think! It builds bonds with your children and family and overall creates stronger and more authentic images. For example: A crowd engaging and informative photographer makes wedding days 100% more light-hearted, romantic and efficient. My love for photography overflows in my work and my sessions through laughter and jokes. It transforms into hand-editing every image and over-analyzing galleries (perfectionism is real, guys!).

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With all of this said in many ways photography is not about me, instead it is about you. What I want you to walk away with after working with me and meeting me is knowing that I love what I do and I love seeing the love you share with one another. I love to be goofy and make you feel comfortable even when the poses seem a bit awkward or if you are nervous.
You might find me lying on the grass making silly faces to get the best angle of your two year old or feeding treats to your dog because he is part of the family and we have to get him to smile.
My husband and partner in crime often works hand-in-hand with me. A powerful photographer, assistant and outgoing crowd-rambler. A charismatic goofball who knows how to shine from behind the camera or behind the camera bags.

Lastly & Importantly, my passion for life and photography comes from my relationship with God. He is the one who created the world, added its beauty and gifted me with a desire for creativity and an eye for all that is beautiful. I hope to capture more of His world eloquently and inspiringly through your next milestone.

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song of soloman 3:4

Have a cool/unique session idea? Let's brainstorm together. Want simple and sweet photography? Let's book an in-home cuddle session with pizza and wine. Want to elope on top of a cliff with your true love? I'll bring extra water bottles and snacks. If you can dream it---I want to capture it. 

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